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Seawira 151 is a bio-stimulant that is applied through foliar spraying. It contains potent concentrations of minerals, micronutrients, organic matters, amino acids and vitamins that are essential for robust plant growth. This highly beneficial bio-stimulant is fortified with Bio-Garno formulation that will enhance healthy plant growth by;
  • Invigorates plant cells
  • Optimizes plant cellular functions
  • Activates natural resistance
  • Enhances photosynthetic process
  • Accelerates plant growth
Seawira 151 is recommended for all type of crops. It has proved to have significant effect to plant growth and yield of rice crop, fruits and others.

Silmax 100

Silmax 100 is a low molecular weight non-ionic silicone surfactant. It improves the wetting, spreading and penetration of agricultural chemicals and enhances the effectiveness of the herbicides, insecticides, fungicides, plant growth regulator and applied nutrients. Features & Benifits:
  • Superior spreading and wetting
  • Stomatal flooding and fast penetration
  • Rain Fastness
  • Enhances the effecacy of foliar applied chemicals
  • Suitable for use in tank-mix herbicide, insecticide, fungicide, plant growth regulator & foliar fertilizer
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